Inviting All Type Of Sellers, Property Seller, Direct Seller, Insurance Seller, Online Course Seller etc…

Sales In 6 Steps – Live Training

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What is Sales In 6 Steps?

What is Sales In 6 Steps?

“Sales In 6 Steps” Is Live Webinar where we will discuss how to start & close any sale in 6 steps. No Matter you are an Insurance Seller, Direct Seller Or Online Course Seller etc All you need a step by step strategy to execute any kind of selling. No Matter how good you are at presenting your product if you don’t know how to close it you won’t get money…

First Time Mr. Sagar Sinha is going to share below Sales Strategies in this webinar where he used to share these strategies in high ticket training

  • Connect to Close Strategy
  • Talking To Cold Leads

  • Creating Rapport with Client
  • Magic Words To Disarm Negative Prospects
  • Phycology Understanding
  • Selling High Price Item like Pro
  • Removing Fear From Prospects Mind To Decide

  • Asking Open-Ended Questions

  • Managing Decision Making Funnel

  • Solving Unspoken Objections

  • Getting Money From Client Instantly

    AND Many more…

Here is Mr. Sagar Sinha In Action

About Coach

Sagar Sinha Is one of the top Sales Coach In the Marketing Industry who has touched more than 6 lacs, people, through his online & offline training in the last 6 years.

  • He has more than 5.5 lacs subscriber base on youtube where he has provided more than 200 FREE Training Videos On Selling.
  • He Always Shares Practical Strategies which are easily implementable in business.

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Rs. 199/- ONLY

Enrol Now Rs.199/-

Sale is Easy Only if You Have Right Strategies …

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Enrol Now Rs.199/-
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